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Mother tongue: Chinese

E-mail: mr.suhao@qq.com (GMT / UTC + 8)

usdt-TRC20 address: 


PayPal: mr.suhao@qq.com

Website: suhao.fr



Graduated from Xi’an Foreign Language University, bachelor's degree holder.



a. 4 years in a large machine tool factory (interpreter and translator);

b. 2 years in Africa (interpreter and translator);

c. 3 years in a high school (English teacher);

d. 4 years in a famous international non-governmental organization (English and French are the working languages);

e. 20 years (since 2004) in my own office (freelance translator).


Cooperation procedure:

Please follow the steps below:

a. Email me your document for translation, if I can translate, I'll tell you  the price and the time required;

b. If yes, please pay half of the translation fee to my USDT/ PayPal account first;

c. When I receive this first payment, I start to translate your document, and then I give you 2/3 of the translation;

d. When I receive the other half of the translation fee, I give you the rest of the translation.









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