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Curriculum Vitae of M.SU Hao, Freelance Translator

Updated on April 27, 2018


Name: Su Hao

Sex: Male

Nationality: Chinese

Mother tongue: Chinese

Email: (Here, GMT / UTC + 8)




Graduate from the University of Foreign Languages ​​of Xi'an, holder of a license of French.


Experience including:

1, 4 years in a big machine tool factory (Interpreter and translator);

2, More than 2 years in Africa (Togo, Algeria, interpreter and translator);

3, More than 2 years in a middle school (English teacher);

4, 4 years in an NGO named Plan International (English and French are the working languages ​​of this organization);

5, More than 14 years, from 2004 to the present, freelance translator (French to Chinese, Chinese to French, English to French, English to Chinese, Chinese to English).


With more than 20 years of translation experience, Mr. Su wishes a perfect and friendly cooperation with you.


The types of documents that I can translate well:

Laws, legal documents, contracts, regulations, tenders, various technical documents;

Various user manuals, various instructions for use;

All kinds of papers, certificates and attestations, transcripts, supporting documents for people who want to study or live abroad;

Various reports, minutes, student dissertations, reports, dialogues, commentaries, letters, novels, film subtitles;

Teaching materials, standards, websites, software;

Cosmetics, wines;

Medical documents, for example medical certificates, prescriptions;

Other difficult documents.


My price:

1) Translation

0.13 per French word (French <-> Chinese)

0.13 per French word (French <-> English)

0.08 per English word (English <-> Chinese)

2) Transcription + translation

15 per minute, including 7 for transcription, and 8 for translation.



1000 words a day



XRP Address: rfZRhtonVokU1XkJeVHUBuH9icyfCUtUpg

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