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Friends from all over the world,

How are you!

My name is Frank, Chinese. I'm a professional translator. My mother tongue is Chinese. I can teach you to learn Chinese. Contact me now.

Email :

WeChat: frank_suhao


In addition to Chinese, I can also communicate with you in French and English.


Learning Method

Option 1:

1) Wechat group chat, 5 ripple coins per day!

To download Wechat software, please click:

2) Chat alone, 10 ripple coins/hour.


Option 2:

I can also be your pen pal, you can write to me; I reply in Chinese, correct for you, charge 3-8 ripple coins for every reply letter.


Payment Method

My ripple (XRP) address: rfZRhtonVokU1XkJeVHUBuH9icyfCUtUpg 



1, if ripple coin’s price fluctuate significantly, the fee can be adjusted;

2, start working immediately after payment, chat can use text or voice.


Choose me, yes, I promise to make your Chinese level soaring!

Contact me now, write an email, add my WeChat, and start learning Chinese now!


Best regards,

Your friend: Su Hao (Frank)




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